Chapter 34 – Antebellum

<-First Chapter <-Previous Chapter The shocked faces in Koenma’s office irritated Hiei. The dog woman especially; she definitely had it out for him, though he couldn’t fathom why. His irritation was nothing new, though. He’d felt it itching at him since Sayuri’s declaration to him that morning. “I need to return to Makai,” she had … Continue reading Chapter 34 – Antebellum

Chapter 27 – Recollections

<-First Chapter <-Previous Chapter Wolf demons. The War. Sayuri. Hiei’s mind latched onto those three thoughts as ancient memories assaulted his senses. Sayuri was alive. Sayuri, powerful and beautiful and terrible, who had loved him. That thought was inconceivable, and yet the memory remained. How many nights had they lain together? No. If she had … Continue reading Chapter 27 – Recollections