Prompt 176-Complete The Thought 4

Complete this thought: “I would never…” The rain pounded the window, the rivulets twisting and turning down the pane, intersecting and separating in a morose dance. The barren trees creaked and groaned in the howling wind, their branches whipping against the stone walls of the old house. The storm railed against the tiny fortress, but … Continue reading Prompt 176-Complete The Thought 4

Prompt 12-Complete the Thought

Complete this thought: “I wish I had paid more attention when…” Calli’s heart pounded as the wheels hit the tarmac. America was ten hours behind her after an uneventful flight across the Atlantic. Flying didn’t make her nervous, she’d flown a handful of times before, but she’d never flown to another country and never on … Continue reading Prompt 12-Complete the Thought