Prompt 36-Inspiration

What was the last thing you read, heard, or saw that inspired you?

White. Cold. The flakes floated down, buffeted by the wind into swirls that mesmerized. Alice watched the snow twist and dance through the air, never settling to the frozen ground below. She tried to follow the path of an individual fractal as it plummeted to the earth, but invariably her gaze would slip to a new one before watching its arrival.

She shook her head to shift her focus elsewhere. The ground was frosty, but it wasn’t collecting the snow as it fell. That was odd. The snow had been falling heavily for at least an hour and yet there was nothing on the ground to show for it. She hardened her stare at the ice tipped blades of grass, hoping to catch a flake sticking to its kin.

She watched, unblinking for several minutes. The snow continued to fall all around her. It collected on her lashes and her coat and her mittens. It did not settle on the ground.

Alice tried to collect some of the flakes in her hands, since they seemed to have no problem sticking to her, but when she spilled them over onto the ground, they vanished. She looked around the open field and saw that it was the same all the way to the dead tree. On the other side of the fallen timber though, she could see accumulation.

She looked back the way she had come, to the base of the hill at the other edge of the field. There was accumulation there as well, but where the field began, to where she stood, all the way to the fallen tree, the snow swirled without falling.

A wide grin spread across her face. She had finally found it.

Notes: A short one for tonight as I worked overtime again to prepare for yet another day lost to snow and I am tired of being at a computer screen. This one was inspired by a text from my mother during the last storm last week. She said it was coming down but she didn’t know where it was going cause it didn’t appear to be sticking and I said “There’s a story in there” and well, more snow is coming so I guess you could say I was all full of inspiration tonight.

Inspiration is everywhere. That’s why I keep a notebook on me at all times, just in case it strikes while I’m away from my keyboard. What things do you draw inspiration from?

Tuesday’s prompt: Complete this thought: “I wish an alarm would notify me whenever…”

Another complete the thought eh? Well one thing my alarm won’t do is wake me up tomorrow. Calling it preemptively, gonna have a snow day again tomorrow. Until then!



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