Prompt 38-Recovery

What are you recovering from right now?

So somewhat ironically, I am in a bit of recovery mode tonight. Because of yesterday’s nor’easter, I need to make up some hours at work this week. Not really a big deal, I already worked to get ahead on Monday knowing Tuesday would be shot, but I also couldn’t make up any of those hours today as I had made plans to travel a couple hours away for dinner with my family to celebrate my sister’s 16th birthday. I got up before the sun so I could get to work early enough to work a normal day before heading off to NY. Husband picked me up at the office since it was on the way.

We had a lovely time. My sister was very surprised to see us and I think it really brightened her day. We were at Dave and Busters so we played a bunch of games together. It was nice to see them and spend the evening with my family. I don’t think I’ve actually seen them since new years day, come to think of it.

But then we had to come home. Another 2 hour journey. There was snow in the mountains. Basically right where we’d come through earlier. It hadn’t really moved.

Husband dropped me off at the office so I could pick up my car. Popped in to check on my script to make sure it was still running, since it’s been temperamental lately and breaking when I’m not there. It was weird being in the office after 10.

So yeah, I didn’t get home until pretty late and with no energy to write a story. And I’m looking at another long day tomorrow to make up some of those last few hours. So I’m pretty glad tonight’s prompt was so relevant to my day, even if I am sorry I couldn’t turn it into a fun little tale for you.

I couldn’t even be bothered to get on my computer once I got home so I’m typing this on my phone snuggled up in bed. Hopefully autocorrect hasn’t been too cruel to me tonight.

Thursday’s prompt: Write about something you would still buy if it cost twice as much as it does today.

Well that one is kinda lame. Ah well, I’ll come up with something I’m sure. Seems fitting for a post apocalyptic setting, and I already have one of those! Until tomorrow!

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