Week 13

Hello fellow enjoyers of the written word! It’s time for the weekly list of prompts!

64. Are there any lines that you simply will not cross?
65. Write about a messy area in your home, workplace, or life.
66. Write briefly about one thing in your life that is simple and one thing that is complex.
67. What takes too long?
68.Which household chores are you responsible for? Which do you hate doing? Which do you actually like?
69. If you were a book, in which section of the bookshop would you be shelved? Which genre are you most drawn to?
70. What is the best excuse for being late that you have ever heard or used?

You may have noticed that I am a dirty liar and did not post a longer short story yesterday. I overestimated myself again, but it is in the works! Once I figured out the MC’s name, the story basically unfolded from there, just bigger than I imagined. I want these Write the Story prompts to be really well written for you, so I’m going to take my time to make it the best it can be before sharing it!

Alright, get out there and get writing! You have your prompts for the week now, so no excuses! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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