Week 17

Hello, hello! Another week, another set of prompts!

88. Write about the last time you felt guilty.
89. What expert do you wish could come teach you what they know?
90. It’s been said, “You are what you eat.” Rewrite that phrase: “You are what you _____”
91.Write about a memorable experience you have had staying at a hotel.
92. Imagine you are a news anchor. Write the beginning of tonight’s newscast. Make the top story what you truly think could happen today, or what you wish would happen today.
93. You have two hours to do something relaxing and a budget of $100. What will you do?

We’re getting so close to 100! I think it’ll work out that the remaining 7 will fill out next week and we’ll end with prompt 100 on June 1st! We’ll be a third of the way through the book with 18 weeks of writing every day!

Have a great Monday!

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