Prompts 95-96

Prompt 95: If you could have one talent that you do not naturally have, what would it be?

I have many talents, but I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none type. There are many things I am average at that other people might have no skills in whatsoever. Cooking, skiing, swimming, singing, writing, just to name a few. Most of those are learned though. It wasn’t like I was born knowing how to cook or ski or swim.

I’ve always been a storyteller though. Writing especially, but I’ve always liked to embellish tales of mundane day-to-day tasks. I guess one thing I do struggle with and wish I had a better talent for is speaking my stories.

My brain just gets ahead of my tongue and I often trip over my own words when I’m excitedly telling a tale. I wish I were a better orator. I’ve been working on this a bit by reading out loud, trying to take my time and not speak so rushed, but it’s not the same as reciting from memory or crafting a story as you go. Plus I get dreadful stage fright when I have an audience. Maybe I need more confidence than a new talent, no?

What about you? What are your own talents? What other talents do you wish you had? Get out your notebooks and write them down!

Prompt 96: Where would you like to go on a day trip? You must drive there and back in one day, but you have unlimited funds for gas, food, and activities.

Can I also have unlimited energy? I could certainly make a longer trip of it if I didn’t need to sleep. Ha!

Let’s see. A couple weeks ago my husband and I drove to Newport, RI for an afternoon to tour The Breakers mansion. It’s a reasonable day trip so we got a household membership to the Preservation Society to come back and do other tours. With unlimited funds, I could do some damage shopping in the village after wandering around all the mansions. Maybe get a harbor tour as well. Eat all the clam chowder I can stand.

Another day trip idea would be to Boston. I love the aquarium there, and I’ve never been to Quincy Market. My husband likes beer so we could do a brewery tour at Harpoon. I gave up the stuff when I gave up wheat, but it’d still be fun to tour the facilities. Depending on how much time we had after all that, we could drive out to the Cape too. That’s another thing I’ve never done, though I’ve lived in the northeast my whole life.

I realize my responses are a bit provincial and not utilizing the full rules of the prompt (with unlimited funds I could buy all the mansions for myself!) but I like simple fun. I keep my creativity to my writing, not my personal life.

Where would you like to go? Where do you usually go? Are there things you don’t usually do because they aren’t fiscally responsible? What would you do there with unlimited funds?

Have a great night! See you again tomorrow!

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