Prompts 98-99

Prompt 98: What is your favorite game to play?

My favorite game to play is the one where I sit at my computer, open up a blank Word document and wait for the muse to show up and help me write.

Oh! Or the one I like to play at work called “I Didn’t Change Anything Why Is The Code Not Working It Literally Worked Ten Minutes Ago!” Got to play that one a little bit with my boss today. Working with someone else’s code is mystifying and frustrating, especially when that person made terrible assumptions and liked to hardcode hidden error messages in. My boss is hilarious when he has to clean up other people’s terrible code. At least we were commiserating together.

I’m honestly a huge fan of the way “I love this game” has seeped into our everyday lexicon for when something mildly inconvenient happens. Or when drama is about to explode. It’s right up there with yelling “stay!” at inanimate objects after you bump into them.

Actual, tangible games come in many forms. My favorite board game is Scrabble. My favorite card game (standard deck) is Rummy. My favorite specialty card game is Dutch Blitz. My favorite puzzle game is Sudoku. My favorite video game is Skyrim.

What are some of your favorites?

Prompt 99: Do you absolutely hate any food that other people usually like?

I like food. I’ll eat almost anything without complaint. Especially as I’ve gotten older, there isn’t much I dislike. Certainly there’s nothing I “absolutely hate” though. I don’t like tomatoes or green olives, but it’s not the end of the world if they wind up on my plate or in a dish. Sauerkraut comes close, hated the stuff as a kid, but when I discovered Reuben sandwiches, that changed.

Pickled foods. I’m not a fan of anything that’s been soaked in vinegar. That’s not to say I won’t enjoy it in a recipe with other flavors, but on their own pickled foods are gross. Do I hate them though? I can’t really say. Maybe. I’ll just stick to my favorites.

That’s all for tonight! Triple digits tomorrow to round out the week! It’s been a weird one. Have a great night and a great Friday! See you tomorrow!

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