Prompts 147-148

147. If you could spend a day living the adventures of any cartoon character, which one would you choose?

It’s no secret that I am a huge nerd when it comes to cartoons and anime. A big reason for that stems from the stories they tell. I’m obsessed with breaking down themes and character arcs and seeing how episodes tie together over a season while also standing strong on their own. I’m also drawn to certain art styles and love watching the art evolve as the show goes on. Animators and writers are just so talented, you know?

If this is your introduction to my blog, well, hello there! I’m also a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi! A majority of what I write falls into those categories. And there are a lot of great animated series in those categories. So many universes to choose from to spend a day in. Well, since my current obsession is Voltron, I think that would be my answer to this prompt. I would choose to be a paladin for a day.

It would be so cool to get to pilot one of the lions! A giant telepathic space robot cat? Sign me up! I would love to explore the cosmos for a bit. See some new planets. Meet some alien races. Hang out in the Castle of Lions. I want to try Hunk’s cooking! And I want to learn the cool tech stuff Pidge knows. Maybe train for a bit with Lance and Keith. Have a spa afternoon with Princess Allura. Make sure Shiro gets a day to rest. Please let the space dad rest.

Come to think of it, one day just wouldn’t be enough! What about you? What cartoon would you like to spend a day in?

148. Write about a piece of jewelry you own. Where did it come from? When do you wear it?

For our third (fourth?) anniversary, my husband (boyfriend at the time) bought me a necklace from Kay Jewelers. They have this product line where each piece has an accent stone suspended in such a way that it is always moving and catching the light. The pendant he gave me was in the shape of a key, with the suspended diamond hanging in a heart at the fat end of the key.

It was one of the first, if not the very first, diamond-accented jewelry pieces I had ever owned. I still wear it almost every day, years later. The chain is starting to knot on its own though, so I might need to consider a new one, but I love that pendant. (He got me the matching earrings the following year, or for Christmas later that same year, I forget exactly.) I get a lot of compliments on it. That center diamond really does catch the eye.

Notes: So obviously this is a day late, but I did say that was likely. I probably ~could~ have written it last night after my draft, but I was suuuper tired and just wanted to read and go to bed. I’m in the middle of A Big Ship at The Edge of the Universe by Alex White. Bought it to treat myself on a mental health day last Friday, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Part of becoming a better writer is making sure to read, read, READ! So I’m trying to make sure I give myself time to read every day in addition to my daily prompt writing.

We’re almost through another week. One more day! And then a three day weekend! I am stoked. The heat is finally going to break too. Maybe I’ll finish my book AND get some quality writing time in? Well, still gotta make it through Friday. Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

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