Week 31.5 The Second

Yeah I dunno how to label these. I guess I could have just kept on counting; the week numbers don’t really have any bearing on the prompts. But since I made it an interval last week, I’m doubling down this week. Besides, after I get through this week, it’ll be back to our regularly scheduled prompts. Albeit, still on the 3-day schedule.

I’m very excited, you guys. Wednesday is going to be such a great day. Here’s hoping there’s nothing else to delay us! The closing is happening before lunch so it won’t affect me getting the post out on time, but I am going to be giddy for the rest of the week. I’m already giddy. The Jets stunned me and beat the Broncos, the Bills won on a last second field goal and I think my husband might still be crying joyously in the other room, and it feels like August again (though I’m a little miffed by that since it was finally feeling like fall the past couple days).

I don’t really have much to add here this week. I’m going to be continuing to post assignments from my NaNo courses. I hope you liked the pieces I shared last week. This week will feature the Craft of Setting & Description course. I’m particularly proud of Tuesday’s piece. Have a great night! I’ll see you then!

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