Prompt 207-Do You Dance

Do you prefer to dance with no one watching, with a group of friends, or with one special partner?

I enjoy dancing. Whether I’m alone, with friends, or with a partner, if there’s music playing somewhere, I will move to it. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t particularly believe in “can’t dance.” It’s not illegal to dance bad. So what if you lack coordination? If something moves you, go with it! To hell with how other people do it. Dance is such a wonderful expression of emotion. Joy, love, passion, even anger. You can convey all these things through music and through the way the music flows through your body.

Sometimes when I’m home alone and not writing, i.e. cooking or cleaning or just straight up taking a break, I’ll blast some tunes and shimmy around the house. I’ll swing my hips and twirl my arms. (I’ll also usually belt out the lyrics too. Daughter of a singer, can’t help it.) I’ll leap around and spin and do some crazy things with my feet. If you’ve seen it in a comic or a sitcom, I’ve probably done it.

When I was in high school, I loved the school dances. I loved all the stupid pop and rap they played because it was made for dancing. It was about the only time I listened to that style of music. (Hard rock doesn’t always lend itself to rhythmic motion and a neck gets stiff after so much head banging.) But I also loved them because it was three hours of adrenaline pumping shenanigans with my friends. It was the one time I felt “girly” and put any effort into my appearance. Spoiler alert, it was probably still pretty cringey. I vaguely remember identifying with the scene aesthetic. Colors? What are those? Still, dancing with my friends was special, and sometimes I miss those days.

Now that I’m all growed up and married, I love dancing with my husband. We had a handful of classical lessons before our wedding, and even had our first dance fully choreographed. It’s such a fun, intimate thing to do. We’re no experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we can do the basics for a handful of styles and at other people’s weddings we even look like we know what we’re doing! Sometimes we’ll just be hugging in the kitchen or the living room and start dancing to no music. It’s disgustingly romantic but yes we are that couple.

All of this to say that I don’t really have a preference. If I’m in a mood to dance, I’m going to dance. Doesn’t matter who’s watching. Doesn’t matter if anyone joins me. Doesn’t matter what they think of my (perhaps less than) graceful movements. If I’ve got an emotion to express, I’ll do it. If there’s music, I will move.

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