Prompt 217-Future Event

If you could live to see any event in the future, what would that event be?





I had long forgotten the meaning of these things. All because of a careless wish on a worthless trinket that turned out not to be all that worthless at all. How many years had passed since then? Surely it must be nearly time.


Indeed, how does one keep track when one becomes immortal, doomed to remain alive until the fated day the wish can be fulfilled? My head was always in the stars in those days. Now, it is more literal.

Earth as humans had known it is long gone. Not that there had been humans in several billion years. All that remains is a scorched rock of metal. Even the scattered debris of the disintegrated moon no longer made a ring about the planet. It’s a shame. I had been fond of the moon once. Back when I could still be called human.

Organically, chemically, I am still human. I am made up of all the same atoms. My curse is to live until my wish is granted, so my body has not aged since that day. In the beginning, I could still feel. Joy. Sorrow. Anger. Hunger. Pain. Now, these things are foreign to me.

The ground rumbles beneath my feet. I barely notice it. The sky is bright. Was it this bright when the Earth was still alive? My heart, somehow still pumping blood through my veins despite never getting any nourishment, catches in my throat. Perhaps this will be the day.

The day the sun becomes a nebula. What a spectacular sight this will be.

Notes: Short one for tonight because I am tired and have to be in to work early tomorrow. I remembered seeing a post once upon a time about wishing to see the tectonic plates reform a super continent and thought I could do something along those lines. It’s a bit extreme, but as a short story I think it has potential. Nebulae are pretty and I do think it would be neat to see the form our own star would take, but please do not let me live for 8 billion years.

Alright, we’ve almost made it through the week. One day left! Friday, here we come! Have a great rest of your day/night. See you tomorrow!

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