Is It Cold In Here…

…Or is it just me?

Ok, yeah it’s me. I have a cold. It’s kicking my butt. I’ve been fighting it off all week but it’s been rough. Unfortunately I don’t get sick time with my position so I’ve been working through it. I do have the option to make up the hours or use vacation time to fill them out. I didn’t really want to do either, and I’m learning new things for my new role on site so I didn’t want to start off behind. Lots of tea and DayQuil got me through the days and then a nice long nap before dinner when I got home helped me to still feel slightly human.

That was what I did Wednesday after all. Figured I would still be good to go for last night. But then a migraine struck and I went to bed after dinner. Obviously, I did not get to write my prompt. I was going to just write it for tonight instead and do the last one for tomorrow, but after working again today and sleeping all afternoon I realized I just do not have the creative energy to write anything worth reading tonight either.

And this week was going so well on the writing front too. Oh well. It happens. Hopefully after a solid night’s rest without an alarm to wake me in the morning I’ll be closer to full strength and be able to churn out more words tomorrow. In any event, I’ll have more prompts for you on Sunday so if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I’ll see you then!

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