Prompt 225-Good Deeds

Do you do good things when no one is watching?

Listen. I am the type of person who, in role playing games like Fallout, given a choice to be good or evil, regardless of whether or not it effects the end of the game, will always go the honorable route. I don’t want the NPCs to hate me. And much like my digital karma, I treat my real life karma much the same way.

Some of it stems from all my years in retail. When I’m shopping, I always move or face product to the front of the shelf if I am buying one. It’s called “blocking” and just keeps the shelf looking nice for the next customer to come along. Maybe it’s still an old force of habit, but I also just think it’s a nice thing to do. In addition to making it easy for the next customer to find the same item, it’s also one less thing the employees have to straighten up later. Or maybe I’m just slightly OCD and can’t help but bring the next bottle/can/box/et forward.

Another reason I do “good” things when no one is watching is because I was raised on the Golden Rule in a Christian household. Treating others the way you want to be treated is all well and good but when you bring God into the mix, the “no one watching” part kind of gets thrown out the window. God is always watching. And so is Santa. That’s why you have to stay on the Nice list.

Mainly I do good things because they make me feel good. As an empath, I feel particularly strong emotions from other people. By doing kind things and making people smile, I can share in their joy. Plus, as an introvert, I like to remain as anonymous as possible. (Side note: not exactly a helpful trait for someone who dreams of a future career as a writer, but I suppose that’s what pen names are for.) Anyway, the world is a dark enough place sometimes, so even if it’s a bit self-serving I still want to spread the light.

Notes: I’m sorry I didn’t have a story for you tonight. I’ve been up a bit too late the last few nights and want to get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. I’ll admit I could have started earlier, but c’est la vie. On the plus side, my confidence has been high this week and the Imposter Syndrome has been kicked to the curb. I’m actually really proud of my latest handful of short stories so if you’re itching for more to read, please go check them out!

I will return tomorrow night with a new tale for you. Have a great night! See you then!

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