Prompt 254-Relationship Status Perk

What is the best thing about being either single or partnered (whichever you are right now)?

I am married. Sometimes that still seems surreal to me. My husband and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary this summer, but we’re going on a decade together so it feels like we’ve been married a lot longer than we’ve actually been married. For the most part though, I don’t really think about it.

The best part about our long-term relationship is the stability and the support that comes from always having someone there to have your back. You never have to face anything alone because you have a partner who will be right at your side. You always have someone to talk to, to hold you when things get overwhelming, to sit with you in silence when you just need their presence. And likewise, you are there for them when they need it.

Sometimes it’s in the little things. My husband and I trade vehicles every day because our driveway is narrow and I always leave first. Rather than play musical cars every morning to get my car out from in front of his, I just take whatever car is at the end.

We have different tastes in what we like to listen to on our commutes. His is shorter than mine and he prefers NPR. I want rock music when I drive. I hook up my phone to the Bluetooth and play music off Amazon when I have my car. When I have the Jeep, I just listen to the radio because we have SiriusXM. Some mornings I get in the Jeep and it’s already tuned to Alt Nation or Octane for me. I try to remember to tune to NPR for him when I park in the evening. It’s a small thing, but it shows we’re thinking of each other even if we’re not in the car together.

Some other small ways we support each other? We talk frequently throughout the day at work. We work for the same company (well, my company works for his company, but we’re all on the same network) so we IM during the day. If I had a really stressful day, he’ll come home with chocolate or wine  to cheer me up. If he had a stressful day, I make a nice dinner or grab some of his favorite snacks from the store and load up his current favorite game in the PlayStation.

The point is, I’m never alone. And neither is he. We have our “me” time in the evenings of course, where I sit down to write for a couple hours and he ventures online either watching Achievement Hunter videos or playing a video game for the rest of the night. But as soon as we need that bit of support, it’s there. And when we go to sleep, the other one is right there to banish the bad dreams and keep them at bay. That really is the best.

Notes: I feel like I had more to say on this, but I am getting sleepy and can’t remember what it was. I feel like I say this every night, but one day I will get ahead of these prompts and get to bed at a decent hour. It is not this day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.

There are perks to being single too, I just haven’t been there in over nine years. The freedom is probably the biggest thing. You don’t owe anyone your emotional labor, you can go as wild or as tame as you want. Granted, being a childless couple creeping up on 30 means we have a lot more freedom than say a couple two years younger than us with three kids under the age of ten. We’ll stick with our cats though.

Ok, that’s about all I have to say tonight. Tomorrow is Friday! We made it another week! Hurray! I’ll be back in the evening with the final prompt for this week. See you then!

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