Prompt 264-Cash Gift

You have been given $100 on the condition that you must spend it all on yourself. What will you do with your money?

Once upon a time I had a hard time spending any money on myself. Any little extra I had went towards necessities or savings. I remember back in college, my grandmother would still send me a little birthday check every year and it usually came with the stipulation of the prompt, “go buy yourself something nice.” More often than not, I put it towards food. I would tell myself the meals were a treat, but I knew that wasn’t really what she meant. They also weren’t $100.

I could probably make $100 go a long way, if I’m just spending it on myself. I can just as easily blow through it though, as I did to myself this week. (Twenty dollars here, fifteen dollars there, it does add up quick. Thank god tomorrow is payday.)

I could treat myself to a spa day. Get a mani-pedi and have my hair done. I could take myself out to the movies and get the biggest butter-drenched popcorn I could carry. Or I could see a show. Get my fill of the theater and overpriced merchandise. Maybe I could go on a mini shopping spree and buy myself new clothes. I’m just as likely to take it all to Barnes & Noble though and get half a dozen new books and an almond milk latte at Starbucks.

Experiences are also fun. It’s just as easy to sink money into amusement parks and carnivals. Find an afternoon river or lake cruise. Take an art class. (Those Paint & Sip joints that are all the rage these days are wicked fun.) Go skydiving. Get yourself a nice hotel room and just veg out for a night. Maybe a fancy dinner reservation is just what you need. Just because it’s food, that doesn’t mean it’s not being spent on yourself. You are eating that yummy food after all.

So many ways I would lavish myself with just $100. I know myself though, and I’m certain would go a fancy dinner route or a solo night hotel route. How about you?

That’s all I have for tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow! Hurray for Friday!

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