Prompt 273-Recipes

What kind of recipes do you gravitate towards (e.g. desserts, casseroles, drinks)?

I like to cook. I prefer simple recipes though. I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen when I make food things. I’m a big fan of one pot or one pan recipes especially. I used to love casseroles but I don’t remember the last time I made one.

I have lots of go-to recipes that I seem to make every few weeks. Fajitas are a quick, easy dinner. Sometimes we make them with steak strips, sometimes we use chicken. I always serve it with rice on the side. That gets dangerous sometimes, though, as they try to kill my husband. Actually, we’re overdue for a fajita night, now that I think about it.

Other staples include steak and roast veggies—often Brussel sprouts, sometimes asparagus, depends on the season—with either rice or potatoes on the side. I made jambalaya tonight with some kielbasa and pepper and onion. That’s one my mom used to make when I was a kid that I improvise every time I make it rather than check her recipe. I buy scallops in bulk roughly once a month or two and freeze the extra pound for another week. There’s a local market that gets them fresh and puts them on sale as low as $8 per pound. There’s no beating that anywhere.

We signed up with Blue Apron using a coupon code one of his relatives gave to us with one of my bridal shower gifts. We don’t get them every week, or even every month, but we’ve made dozens of recipes over the last two years, and many of them have become repeat favorites. There was a red quinoa dish that surprised me because he loved it so much he went out and found the specialty ingredients to make it again the following week. There was a General Tso dish on their website one week that I went out and bought all the ingredients for and now I keep a bunch of Asian sauces and spices on hand because I love the flavors they add. Also that dish is so easy and delicious I have made it half a dozen times. (We may have planted bok choy just so I don’t have to buy it at the store for my General Tso recipe.)

I’m also a huge fan of slow cookers. I almost always make my barbeque ribs in the Crockpot when I make them, finishing them under the broiler. They’re great for roasts and soups too, though I haven’t really done any of those in years. To be honest, roasts aren’t my favorite. On the flip side to that, I received an Instant Pot as a wedding gift, and that changed my life. I went crazy with it one week and just made everything in it. (I’ve been back on the stove since, but the IP is so easy, I will definitely work it into my weekly recipes.)

As far as baking desserts goes, cookies and muffins are about as wild as I get. Chocolate chip cookies were my expertise for years. I used to get bored and just whip up a batch of them. And I would make them for my husband all the time when we were first dating. It wasn’t until we were two years into our relationship that he confessed he didn’t actually like chocolate chip cookies. At first I was horrified because who the heck doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies?! But then I was horrified because holy heck I’ve been forcing these cookies on him for two years not realizing he didn’t want them.

It’s a good thing I’m writing this so late tonight or all this talk of food would be making me hungry. But now it’s your turn! What sort of recipes do you like to make? What do you find yourself making most often?

Happy Wednesday, folks! We’re already halfway through the week! Two more days to go and two more prompts until June! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a great night!

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