Prompt 275-Mythical Life

What would life be like if unicorns and dragons existed?

I think my answer changes based on how long these mythical creatures have existed in this hypothetical. Have they always existed or did they just materialize one day? The world would be two very different places depending on when unicorns and dragons existed in human history. Also, what magical rules apply to these unicorns and dragons? Is their existence proof of magic or do they simply exist without magic at all? How prolific are they? Are they endangered species or is there need for population control?

Let’s assume they contain magical properties that will one day be explained by future scientists. (All science was once considered magic, after all.) Let us also assume that their populations have remained more or less steady, either through culling or natural selection, what have you. If they’ve been around since the early humans, there is a solid chance they evolved together.

My favorite internet trope is the “humans will pack bond with anything” memes. I think this applies here as well. I’m imagining dragons as giant, scaly cats that were domesticated and bred smaller over the years, like dogs, and just happen to be able to spit fire. Over the centuries, humans made these little reptiles their loyal pets. Similarly, unicorns wouldn’t change the status quo too much except to be impossible to ride unless you are pure of heart.

Of course, black markets would spring up around them. Dragon scales. Dragon eggs. Unicorn horns. Unicorn blood. Anything shady people can get their hands on to sell, the more magical the better. Heck they probably even sell the creatures. Maybe there are breeders who sell “pure” dragons and unicorns to the highest bidder. They become symbols of status.

Maybe the ruling party has wrangled enough dragons to have their own dragon armies to oppose their foes. They could be deterrents or they could be instigators.  Maybe the cops employ them to catch criminals faster. Maybe unicorns are a living litmus test to determine if a person is good or bad.

Oh man, and think of all the jobs created by having even one mythical creature, let alone two. There would need to be tamers and trainers and handlers. Specialized vets. People to clean up after them. Insurance folks would have a heyday with the dragons alone. Maybe cars would cease to be a thing if everyone started riding dragons and unicorns everywhere. Then again, I’ve also claimed to be working under the assumption that they’ve been bred much smaller over the years and are more cat-sized, so maybe we aren’t flying them in this hypothetical universe.

These are the things my brain goes through with a prompt like this. I thought it was going to be a short story night, but I was bouncing too many questions around in my skull and not getting any answers to work from tonight. My weakest point is in world building after all.

Which is a big part of why I am taking the next month off from the daily prompts. I want to work on fleshing out my worlds for my novels so I can see which are in the best shape to move forward. NaNo is still five months away, but I want to be prepared to win this year. It should be an interesting month. It’s going to be productive, too, or I will be so angry with myself.

I do not believe I will have a normal update on Sunday, but all the same I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you back here sooner than you know it!

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