Technical Difficulties


So uh, my computer has been acting up lately and this is the newest development in a string of technical difficulties. It’s very old and cranky but I thought I could fix it anyway. After fighting with it for a bit, I have surrendered. (I’m currently writing this on my phone so I apologize if there are any weird typos from autocorrect.) I do have a laptop as backup but at this point of the night my brain is too fried to write properly. (Part from fighting with my desktop but not an insignificant part from vacation brain.) I am still going to get those last two prompts out before Sunday’s update post with the next list of prompts. We’re going to RI tomorrow to see some tennis and I’m not sure how late we’ll be coming home so it might be one each tomorrow and Saturday or it might be a twofer on Saturday. Either way, I will still have more content before Sunday. Sorry about the delay, and have a great Friday!


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