Prompt 305-My TV Life

What TV show, past or present, do you wish your life was like?

This is simultaneously too easy and too hard. Easy in that I will obviously pick an animated fantasy series, but difficult in picking which one. A world where the supernatural and fantastic are commonplace. Or maybe a future world where people live among the stars. It’s no secret that my head is never really here on Earth. That’s why so many of my stories take place in faraway, imagined places.

The pros of living in a fantasy series are enticing. High probability you have some sort of power or magic that you can wield at will. Magical and/or mythical creatures are not so mythical. They might even talk to you! So much world to explore! Wacky adventures!

On the flip side, the cons might give you pause. There’s usually some great power struggle in fantasy stories between good and evil, and the world tends to suffer for it. It’s dangerous to go adventuring. Life expectancy is not very long. If you aren’t the show’s protagonist or in the protag’s clique, chances are your life as a background character would be even more mundane than life in the real world. Your prospects are pretty limited at that point.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great example for this, as it is for just about everything. Imagine living in the world of the elemental nations as a normal person unable to bend the elements. Depending on where you are from, you could be living in blissful ignorance (“There is no war in Ba Sing Sei.”) or you could be in Fire nation occupied territory or you could be fighting in the war against them. Maybe you’re even a fire nation soldier. Life would be cooler if you were a bender, but it’s still a turbulent time to be in the world.

On the science fiction end of the spectrum, I’m drawn to space stories. Moon colonies and self-sustaining orbital stations and intergalactic travel galore. Give me FTL spaceships and giant robots. I wanna be out in space, living in the future!

Of course, there’s always the conflicts to consider. Those tend to be less “good versus evil” and more “us versus them.” Whether it’s artificially genetically advanced humans against their inferior surface-born counterparts or an invading race of super intelligent aliens against us average humans, there’s usually some line that divides us and pits us against one another. Space living is also dangerous. Orbital stations are like exposed nerves, vulnerable and devastating to breach. Ships slightly less so, because they can at least maneuver out of harm’s way if needed.

I realize I’ve rambled on quite about about the pros and cons of various settings without actually answering the prompt and picking a show I wish my life could be like. I did say that was the hard part. I suppose it’s a toss-up between Avatar:TLA and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. I would love to be a bender (water bending, anyone?) or a magical princess with a big buff friend to fight alongside in the rebellion.

Hurray! We made it through another week! Don’t forget to come back Sunday for a fresh list of prompts. I’ll see you then. Have a great weekend!

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