Prompt 347-Betrayed

Have you ever been betrayed and if so how?

Dear diary,

Never before today have I known true suffering. Not when I lost my favorite squeaky toy beneath the couch. Not when I forgot which tree I buried my favorite bone under. Not when the squirrels taunted me from their lofty branches after narrowly escaping my clutches, though that had stung my pride.

No, today the worst pain imaginable happened. My favorite human betrayed me.

It was a normal morning, like every other. I woke mom up and she let me out to pee. I made the rounds of the yard, making sure to sniff every bush. I barked “Good morning!” to the neighbor’s Maine Coon. She perched on the fence between our yards and flicked her fluffy tail in my direction. “Morning,” that flick said, though there was something in the cant of her ears that seemed more amused than usual.

“Sammy!” Mom called me back into the house and I wagged my tail “goodbye” to the cat. I waited patiently while mom filled my bowl. I got my favorite kibble for breakfast! Mom always knew exactly what I wanted!

I followed her upstairs to get the small humans up. It was playtime! They shouldn’t still be sleeping! I stood guard while they got dressed and cleaned their faces. I got a dental treat while they had their breakfast. The little boy dropped a piece of bacon for me! It was my favorite!

When the kids took their bags and left, that was when mom and I usually went on our “walkies.” But this is where the day went south like geese in the winter. We went for a “ride” instead. Mom knows that rides are my favorite thing. Of course I jumped up and down, barking “yes” to a ride! I didn’t know that rides could end in anything but fun!

But diary, this ride did not end in fun. This ride ended with me on a cold table and a cone around my head and my nuts gone. The pain of being bamboozled by the person I love most hurts more than the stitches in my groin. I’m not sure how I will ever overcome this betrayal.

Oh! I guess it’s time to go, diary. Mom is calling me for my favorite treat! Ice cream!


Notes: This was too easy to do a typical relationship cheat trope so I decided to go with a dog getting neutered. Besides, I’ve already done the cheated thing. Betrayals are great in stories too because they add tension. Just when you think everything’s going ok, boom, double cross! Maybe it’s your MC doing the betraying. That’s fun too.

I can’t think of a time I was personally betrayed. I mean sure, in my angsty high school years there were plenty of things that might have seemed a betrayal on the surface (friends “stealing” crushes, or worse, revealing those crushes) but nothing that was big in the grand scheme of things. The only other betrayal thing I thought of was my cat leaving my lap for my husband’s, and that’s what gave me the idea of writing a story from a pet’s point of view.

Ok that’s enough rambling for one night. It’s your turn now! What sort of betrayals have you experienced? Your characters? Write it down! Remember to have your pets spayed or neutered! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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