Prompt 353 – Global Goals

What do you think should be a goal for every person on the planet?

Do one kind thing every day.

It doesn’t have to be huge or life-altering, just do one kind thing. Even if it’s for yourself. It can be as simple as giving yourself five extra minutes alone in the midst of an overwhelmingly busy day. Maybe it’s buying that second coffee you don’t really need but you know it would make you feel better. Maybe it’s canceling plans in favor of a date with yourself. Self-care is kindness. Be kind to yourself.

On other days, compliment a stranger’s shoes or their coat or their accessories. If you see them wearing something of a fandom you are in, tell them they have excellent taste. Share in your love for the fandom! If you love a stranger’s outfit, or if they have a hair style you love, tell them! (Side note: don’t try to turn it into a conversation/expect reciprocity. Just tell them they look great and keep going about your day.)

Listen to a co-worker’s troubles. Help where you can. Pick up the tab at lunch. Pay it forward in a fast food or coffee drive-thru. Offer to pet-sit for your friend when she goes on a trip. Call your mother. Tell her how you’ve been.

Just make a daily habit to be kind. Even the little things will add up. Before you realize it, you’ll be doing kind things without even thinking about them. Yes, it’s idealistic. Does that mean I think every person on the planet shouldn’t try to be kinder? No. We should all try. And if everyone is doing kind things for each other, the world could be kinder.

Notes: Not much else to add to this one. Will I get one more post in before Christmas? That depends on how long it takes me to finish cleaning my house and prepping for dinner for Wednesday. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Be good to one another out there. I love you all. However you plan to spend them, I wish you the warmest of holidays!

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