But Wait There’s More!

Hi! I was going to write a prompt tonight but I wanted to use one of my recurring characters and I couldn’t decide between Lara, Todd, or the ninja-pirates.

So I asked Twitter to help, but then I realized that the character choices probably wouldn’t mean anything to anyone without context.

So I linked my old recurring character post, but then I realized the Galactic Empire posts weren’t on that one and also it is super outdated!

So I made a new page just for all my recurring characters! It’s right over there on the sidebar with all the other informational pages!  —>

Also up on the menu!

Also also, it took me all night and ate up all my writing time so the prompt will get written tomorrow.


Kita and/or Leo
Someone else?
Someone NEW??

Drop a comment and let me know!

I’m gonna run away from my desk and read a dang book now. Have a great night!

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