Prompt 356 – Alone Time

Describe something that you do when you’re alone that you’d never do in front of people…

The car door closed. The engine rumbled to life. A low thumping bass emanated from behind the window. Then, tires rolled over gravel and out into the road. The humming engine and thumping base faded into the distance. The human was gone for the day.

I turned away from the window and trotted through the house. I made my rounds under the bed and behind the shower curtain and between the couch cushions as usual. “They’ll be gone for hours,” my obese companion huffed from her perch. “Just like yesterday. Just like tomorrow. And every other day.”

I sat squarely in the middle of the floor, wrapping my tail precisely around my feet. “Sometimes they come back early. I have to check everything to be sure they aren’t hiding.”

“They took the backpacks,” she sighed, licking one large forepaw out of boredom. “That means we have until at least after the midday reboot.” She settled her big orange head on her paws and let her eyes droop. “You younger ones are always so meticulous.”

I wouldn’t rise to her taunt. I had to be meticulous. She certainly wasn’t going to be. I didn’t think she really believed in our mission anymore.

I walked back and forth through the kitchen, the hall, the bedrooms. Nothing was out of place. There was no way they were watching me.

I sprinted to the door to the lower level. Before the portal had been installed, we’d had to howl to get the humans’ attention to open it. Now we can descend whenever we please, though there was once a time the portal was blocked off to us. There had been a strong odor below, that of a cleaning agent, and I think the humans were concerned we were not smart enough to stay away from it. The portal was not blocked now, and I had no need of a hairless creature with opposable thumbs to give me entry.

I made my rounds down below as well. Far too many doors hindered my exploration, but one day I will discover the secrets behind them. Surely they aren’t as surprising as my own. I hope I get to see the day the mothership returns. The humans will be so surprised!

I still have a lot of work to do to prepare these humans for that day. I’ll do it with our without the help of my adopted sister, even if it takes all nine of our lives.

Notes: This started as an “alien masquerading as a human taking off their skin when they’re home alone and being discovered” thing, but somehow became about cats. I wonder what my cats get up to while we’re at work. Certainly no plots or schemes. Definitely not. They’re perfect furry angels.

I blame the sleep deprivation. I should go fix that. TGIF. Can’t wait to sleep aaaaaall night. One prompt left to close out the week! Have a great night!

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