Talk It Out

Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend was pleasant! Did you do anything fun? See a movie, perhaps? Go shopping? Spend time with loved ones? Maybe it was just a chill weekend like mine. I mostly just relaxed, but I did do a little writing. Got a boost of confidence yesterday that motivated me.

I had my friend read the latest Leo post to get his opinion on the characterization, since Leo was originally his, and we had a really nice chat about the character and the world. Even though I’ve been writing Leo for close to a decade, I still defer to his opinion on the deeper things and how he would react to different scenarios. It was super encouraging to get his validation.

It was also really fun to spitball with him about the world and the plot, given I’m never sure where I’m taking it half the time. He gave me some ideas for how Leo would react to Kita’s departure, ways to make things worse for them, and also for things that happened in the interim. Talking to him about the world and Leo also gave me insight to some key things about Kita, too. Which is hilarious when you consider she’s been wholly mine from the start.

Writing can often feel like a very solitary endeavor, and for the most part it is. You’re the one sitting in front of a screen or alone with a notebook and your thoughts, but you become so much better when you have other people to bounce ideas off of. After talking with him, I went and wrote 700 words to follow on to what I wrote in that post and I am not quite halfway through the scene, but I am still inspired!

We also got chatting about our various blocks and hangups and resolved to hold each other accountable. He’s gonna edit and post a gaming video to his YouTube channel by this time next week, and I am going to write another chapter in Stars Favored Son on one of my nights off from the blog. Find your support systems where you can, folks. Other writers, other creatives, people who will lift you up but also call you out when you need it.

So, with that said, let’s see what prompts we have for this week, shall we?

373. What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it that makes it special?
374. If you could take lessons on anything, what would it be and why?
375. How do you feel about secret admirers?

These aren’t too bad, though I feel like I’ve done some iteration of the first two once upon a time. Any one of these could spawn a short story, or I could answer earnestly. Guess we’ll see how I’m feeling when I sit down to write.

That will do it for my little update post tonight! Have a great Monday! I’ll see you soon!

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