Prompt 345-Commercialized

Is there anything you feel is too commercialized? “Oh no,” La’vi groaned. S’rai looked up from her holo and glanced around excitedly. “What? What is it?” La’vi gestured with her favorite hand, the topmost left, toward the vendor across the market. “They’ve already started putting up decorations for Universal Awareness Day.” “Oh! Is it almost … Continue reading Prompt 345-Commercialized

Prompt 335-Sunrise or Sunset

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Kita tread softly through the trees surrounding the bandit camp. The dark, pre-dawn air was still. She usually enjoyed that calmness, but tonight it was different. It felt as though the forest was holding its breath awaiting the coming battle. She ran between the pirate teams scattered around the … Continue reading Prompt 335-Sunrise or Sunset