Prompt 349-Void

Do you feel like there’s a void in your life and if so what could be causing it?

The hearth is cold, the tree unlit. A single, muted gift rests beneath the boughs, its colors hard to recognize in the dim candlelight. Snow blankets the hard ground outside, silencing everything around.

My phone sits facedown on the coffee table so the blinking notification light can’t stab me with each flash. It’s all texts and missed calls from loved ones concerned with how I’m doing. I don’t want to hear from them right now.

Your chair is empty. The bed is empty. The house is empty. My heart is empty.

I’m doing as well as I can.

I hope his bed is warm. I hope he knows how you like your coffee in the morning. I hope he fills the void in you that I could not. That way, at least one of us will be whole.

I promise your departure wasn’t a shock. I’ve known for a while, after all. I thought I was prepared for it. What I wasn’t prepared for was the shadows. The quiet. The loneliness. The ghosts that linger when you’ve lived with someone ten years.

I see your face out of the corner of my eye when I walk down the hall. When my heart stops beating out of my chest, I smile at the photographs from our trips abroad and even think about going back on my own someday. I hear your laugh in the laugh tracks of our favorite shows and forget for a moment that you are not sitting next to me, watching the show too. I find your guitar picks in the strangest of places and wonder how many more are scattered across the house. I never realized how much I enjoyed listening to you play until you took the music away.

I will find something new to fill my soul as you have finally found the one who fills yours. Though the void in me feels like loss, I have to remind myself you are still alive. The music still echoes. Your laugh still lives.

Notes: I had Christmas heartbreak on the mind tonight, I guess. The vss365 prompt today was “lovers” and this is what I wrote for that: “The crunch of snow beneath my feet. The scent of crackling fires in hearths up and down the street. Christmas lights bring color to the night. Snowflakes kiss my lashes and melt into the tears on my cheeks. Nights like this always remind me of when we were #lovers.” There was a lot of loneliness in that short prompt so I felt like expanding on it a bit more for this prompt about a void in your life. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have a solid story for it so I ended up just rambling there towards the end. Oh well. That’s part of writing too.

I don’t really have any particular void feelings right now, but I did think about the void that would be left if my husband left me for whatever reason. I had thought to channel that here a bit but then I just had the partner run off rather than straight up die. I don’t know what I would do if I found myself alone like the character here. Probably go a little feral and adopt at least a dozen cats.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. One prompt left for the week! T.G.I.F.! Have a great day, I’ll see you in the evening!

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