Prompt 4-Future Diary

Write a diary entry, dated 10 years in the future.

January 25th, 2028

Been a while since my last entry. The turn of the year is always a bit hectic with family coming to visit. I’m just so glad we have the space for everyone to come and be together. Building the guest house was the best decision I ever talked Andrew into (after somehow convincing him to marry me, hah)! I was worried it would be another warm Christmas like the last couple years, but we had a white Christmas! The kids were so excited to see the frozen pond when they came to visit. We taught them how to ice skate!

Unfortunately, Chloe finally crossed the rainbow bridge. I honestly don’t know how she lived to be 18 without some sort of heart condition. I guess she really was just “big boned” and not as fat as we always teased. Tony has been lethargic since she left, though the dogs have been keeping a close eye on him. He’s getting old too. I don’t think Sasha misses Chloe, but she doesn’t like seeing her little buddy so sad. It’s sad, but also funny. Westley is just as oblivious as ever.

Andrew is finally getting a new team under him in Data Analytics. PW has been exploring greener, more efficient engines, so they’ve tasked his department with building a new team to handle modeling the new data. He really made the right decision going back to school his first year with the company. His unique knowledge base really helped propel them into new areas of development.

My agent called the other day. The movie deal has been greenlit and they want my input on the casting. It’s so very exciting. I’ve always dreamed of one day having a novel I wrote be turned into a movie! I hope we find some new talent. Not that there aren’t already great young actors and actresses out there who would fit the roles well, but since my debut novel was such a stellar success I dream of using that theme in every aspect of the film. It’s probably a bit too romantic, and I will certainly defer to the directors, but I can dream! After all, this one is coming true!

I get to fly to LA this summer to sit in on auditions. We’re going to make a working vacation from it. The Olympics will be there this year and we can’t wait to watch the Olympic tennis again. Paris was amazing. No one thought Serena could compete after she missed Tokyo for the birth of her second child, but she proved them all wrong and took the gold in 2024. I can’t believe she’s 46 this year and defending her medal. I hope I’m still that determined when I’m her age!

This feels great. I need to get back in the habit of writing these journals. If for no other reason than to make sure I didn’t forget to eat. My next manuscript is just so enticing though. I’ve gotta get it out. So much to do before summer! But first, sleep…

Notes: “That’s a sneaky way to make you think about your 10 year plan.” –my husband when I told him about tonight’s prompt. He’s not wrong. I don’t tend to think that far in advance, but it’s fun to fantasize. I wanted his input on what he could potentially be doing in ten years, just a quick “I’m gonna be a lead engineer” or “I’m gonna run the company,” something concrete and simple, but I got a lot more information than that. It’s actually really exciting. We don’t really talk about our future outside of “we are not living in an apartment forever, we’re buying a house as soon as it’s fiscally possible” but he has a lot of really awesome stuff going on at work that is actually going to make a difference in the next 5-10 years.

What about you? Where do you hope to be in 10 years? Where do you think you’ll actually be? Get those notebooks out and get writing! See you tomorrow!

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