Prompt 5-Town Name

Give your city (or town or region) a new name that reflects what type of place it is, and explain why you chose that name.


My town is a strange little place. Its proximity to the state capitol means it is a fairly heavily populated area. Its proximity to two other major metros (Boston and NYC are both ~100 miles away) helped to generate a multi-cultural diversity within that population. Several major companies have headquarters or large branch offices here, offering many forms of work.

The main street has Peruvian Piolin restaurants next to Albanian butchers across from Jamaican jerk shops. The Greek families own the best pizza shops. My favorite liquor store is owned by an Indian family.

There are several neighborhoods in the almost twenty square mile area the town occupies. They cover every echelon of the socioeconomic spectrum. (Well, maybe not quite the elites, they have the next town to the south.) There are neighborhoods with low-income households, and there are middle class neighborhoods.

My own apartment complex is a beautiful snapshot of the larger community. My mother, after her first visit, made the joke that it was like a “little U.N.” because of all the different nationalities and ethnicities represented here. It is its own small melting pot.

But despite all the differences in race, language, and culture, there is one common thread which ties us all together: family. No matter which part of town you go to, the story is the same. From the manicured lawns of the PTA moms, to the patchy toy-strewn plots of the rundown townhomes, evidence of family can be found.

It’s my favorite part of this diverse little town on the east bank of the river. So I am renaming it for families. And I am doing it in Spanish in honor of the large Hispanic population in the community.

Pueblo de Las Familias

Notes: A short one for Friday to cap off a long week. Spent more time thinking about what might define my town than actually writing it. Sometimes a straight-forward prompt is good, and sometimes thinking is more important than writing.

So how would you describe your town? What sort of name would really reflect it better than its current name? Food for thought is food for writing! Get out your pen and paper, open up your laptop, and get to writing!

I hope you enjoyed the prompts this week! I had fun writing them! I’ll have a new batch for you next week. Have a beautiful weekend! I’ll see you on Monday!


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