Prompt 56-Strength

In what way are you strong?

Like the tree with roots sprawling deep underground, unyielding to the buffeting winds of a hurricane, her spirit refuses to break in her darkest hour. She knows the dawn is coming. The storm will pass. It is useless to despair.

Horrors and monsters roll over him in waves, but he is solid as the cliffs at the base of the rampaging seas. They howl and rage until they crash to their end on his broad shoulders. He is the wall that shields the innocent from terror.

Notes: Sorry, super short post to close out the dailies. Strength comes in many different forms. It can be physical, mental, emotional. Where do you draw strength?

The first Write the Story was supposed to go up tomorrow, but poor planning on my part is pushing back the proverbial deadline. I want to treat these longer scheduled stories as less pantsed, more developed tales and I did not leave myself enough time this week to plot it out as much as I would have liked to. I am going to shoot for next Saturday instead.

Next post will be Sunday, where I outline the prompts for week 12! Have a great weekend!

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