Prompts 68-69

Prompt 68.Which household chores are you responsible for? Which do you hate doing? Which do you actually like?

My husband and I share the household chores for the most part, though I’ll be the first to admit he does them more often than I do. The largest disparity is with laundry. It’s not that I hate doing it, but he likes doing it so I let him do it all when the hampers are overflowing. Folding laundry is very zen though. I do great plotting while I fold laundry.

I actually kind of enjoy vacuuming I suppose. Much for the same reason I like folding laundry. It’s mindless. Plus I like making rows in the carpet as I go. I also like cleaning the kitchen. My current kitchen is very cramped and I hate cooking in it, but every time I clean it, it inspires me to cook again.

Prompt 69. If you were a book, in which section of the bookshop would you be shelved? Which genre are you most drawn to?

I am personally most drawn to fantasy and science fiction. I love fictional worlds that take me far away. I’ve recently been on a thriller kick though, staying in the real world but with stories that span the globe.

As for what section of the bookshop I would be shelved in, if not generic fiction then probably some sort of dark comedy. My family and I often joke that if our life were a sitcom our ratings would be through the roof. But we also embrace dark humor so it wouldn’t be too light.

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