Prompt 70-Excuse

What is the best excuse for being late that you have ever heard or used?

“Sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to come.”

As a fairly introverted person, I’ve always wanted to use this excuse, but I also don’t make plans unless I really want to do a thing. When I’m late it’s usually because I underestimated traffic or forgot to bring something I was supposed to bring but I will straight up say it, not make excuses. I mostly try to be punctual though; it’s just common courtesy.

I don’t really have anything else to say about this one. There are great excuses out there though. Look them up, see what excuses fit your characters. Stall them and see what excuses they come up with. It’s a good exercise to see what type of personality your character has by whether or not they make excuses and how wild the excuses are.

Do you make excuses regularly? Ever heard a fantastic excuse from someone else? Write them down. Make a list! I have faith in you! Have a great weekend!

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