Week 14

It’s Sunday so that means a new week of prompts is coming up. We’re already through 4 months of the year! The weather is finally starting to turn warm and spring is here! It’s gonna be beautiful this week. Here are the prompts I will be working from.

71. If your house was on fire, what would you grab before escaping?
72. Describe your favorite article of clothing.
73. Write about an item you own that is not worth much money but has great value to you.
74. How do you strive to be similar to, or different from, your parents?
75. If you had unlimited time and money, what would you do to help your friends and family? What about strangers?
76. When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter? Why did you do it? How did you feel afterwards?

Not sure if there will be any twofers this week. I have short story/character exploration ideas for half of them and feel like I could write small essays for the rest. We’ll see. Until tomorrow! Have a great Monday!

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