Prompt 72-Clothes

Describe your favorite article of clothing.

The ballroom filled up slowly as guests arrived and made their way to the floor, mingling with friends and acquaintances and rubbing shoulders along the way. Tailored suits dotted the room, accenting, with their dark shades, the vibrant colors of the evening gowns the women wore. Glittering jewels laced necks, ringed fingers, and brightened ears.

Every guest had accented their ensemble with ornate masks. Some brightly colored and jeweled, others subdued and feathered. The elites loved their masquerade balls, and so it was the perfect opportunity for infiltration.

Sam stared at the gown in the mirror. It wasn’t as outlandish a color as some of the women were wearing, the deep navy blue wouldn’t stand out amongst some of the brighter colors on the floor, but it had shine enough to blend in with the extravagance of the other guests. A diamond studded silver belt at the waist implied curves that were otherwise nonexistent.

Sam lifted a white-gloved arm and admired the silver threadwork on the sleeve. It had been woven thin, like script, and small diamonds were also worked into the cuff. The same design was woven into them hem and high neckline. Sam had never worn anything so fine.

“You done admiring yourself, man?” Cory’s voice crackled in the earpiece. “It’s almost go time.”

“You’re just jealous I look damn fine,” Sam retorted with a smirk. He grabbed his mask, a feathered piece with lighter blue feathers and silver sequins, and finished the ensemble. “Our boy won’t know what hit him.”

Cory sighed. “Just stick to the plan.”

Sam turned on a thin heel and walked confidently out of the changing room. “Roger that.”

Notes: A little baby post for tonight. I don’t particularly have a favorite article of clothing. Pajamas. Anything comfortable and loose. I thought it’d be fun to write about an undercover thing where someone has to wear a dress to sneak in and thought it’d be great for that someone to be a guy who knows he can rock a dress and heels. It might have been partially inspired by the meme about how there’s always that one girl on the action team and she is so not into dresses and would be super uncomfortable doing it so one of the guys steps in and owns it. Cory might be the tomboy. Or Cory might be Sam’s partner who is suddenly not as straight as he thought he was. I may have been reading too much fandom discourse lately and no it doesn’t even matter which fandom because the internet is an awful, beautiful place. 

Anywaaay, I’ll have another story for you tomorrow night. Until then! Have a great day!

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