Week 15

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Saturday was the perfect temperature and just the right amount of sun. It was overcast and rainy today but I don’t mind because it’s very calming to me. Spent the morning listening to it while going through the tutorial on Scrivener. Gonna try using it to keep my writing more organised. Less overflowing notebooks, more digital filing.

Anyway, we’re 15 weeks into the life of Closet Full of Notebooks! Hooray! I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with a personal project this long before. I’m still not sure just how beneficial it’s been for me. If nothing else, I’ve created a habit of writing at least 500 words a day and putting those words out into the world for people to read. I still need to work on networking a bit better. I only follow a handful of other blogs and I am really bad about keeping up with even those few.

But you’re not here for these sorts of ramblings, you’re here for writing prompts! And maybe to read what I have to say about those prompts. Here’s what I’ll be writing from this week!

76.* When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter? Why did you do it? How did you feel afterwards?
77. What is your favorite holiday ornament or decoration? What makes it so special to you?
78. Do you have anyone in your life that has acted as a mentor to you? Have you ever helped someone else out in this way?
79. What special traditions or holiday celebrations does you family observe?
80. Do you prefer to read electronic books or paper books? Why?
81. Complete this simile: “As awkward as: _______”
82. Have you done any research into your ancestors? What interesting surprises have you discovered?

As I suspected last week, I didn’t get through all the prompts I listed, so there’s a repeat* in this week’s list. I will get through all of these though, I have a mental schedule in place for them. Monday and Thursday will be double prompt days.

I’ve also been going back through the Sunday posts and updating them to link each prompt number to the relevant post it appears in, so feel free to check back through the archived Sunday posts for quick links to all the prompts for that week. Also, if you want the prompts delivered right to your email every week, click that follow button!

Alright, that’s all for me tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a great day!

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