Prompt 75-Unlimited Money

If you had unlimited time and money, what would you do to help your friends and family? What about strangers?

This is something I actually think about a lot. Usually more in finite terms though, like if I won the Powerball or one of the big national lotteries. I have too many questions about this “unlimited” money  thing and find it far less interesting than if I just suddenly had billions so I’m gonna start with “if I had Jeff Bezos money, what would I use it for?” and get to the other questions at the end.

So the first thing I would do, after paying off my own student loans, would be to pay off my mother’s mortgage and any loans she has. Then I would buy her an island and make sure it was fully stocked and staffed for whatever she needs. The staff would be well compensated with full benefits.

No one in my family would have any more student loan debt. I would pay it all off. My friends too. Put those monthly payments towards something better, or save them. I’ll take that worry off you at least.

I would also dump a few million into fixing local infrastructure. The winters up here really wreak havoc on the roads. Fixing the roads means no more pot holes, better drainage, and cars have smoother rides. I imagine that would save many suspensions and headaches. I dunno, I’m not a car person.

I have an obsession with small town renovations too. I went to school in a rural area that was hit very hard by the recession and there were long stretches of highway where old motels and gas stations were being reclaimed by the land around them. I wished I had the money to buy them and revitalize them. Bring jobs back to the area. Very “put Radiator Springs back on the map” style wishing. (Disney reference, what?)

The more I think about this, the more expensive it gets. Which, yes, is the point of the prompt. Unlimited money. The billionaires would be terrified of me. I’d have everything fixed and everybody out of debt. At that point money itself would become meaningless. There would be no more need. Couple that with unlimited time? Do I no longer need to sleep? Am I immortal?

That’s a lot of power for one person to have. People would want that power. They would try to take it. I’d have to be very careful with it. Maybe I shouldn’t broadcast it to the world. Just be quiet about it. Lots of anonymous donations. A magical fairy godmother who goes around erasing debt and fixing broken things.

After I get my mom on her own private island first.

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