Prompt 74-Offspring

How do you strive to be similar to, or different from, your parents?

Mika scowled at her reflection in the tranquil pool of the Sanctuary. “I’m nothing like her,” she snarled.

Yuri nodded sympathetically. This time of the year was tough on all of them, but Mika wanted less and less to do with it. This particular outburst came about because Nikkie had dared speak to the similarities between Ali and Mika in the latter’s presence. “She just misses your mom. You know she doesn’t mean anything by it,” Yuri said soothingly.

Mika’s face did not soften. “It’s been fifteen years already. I’m sick of living with her ghost. She was a traitor. How can they miss her so fondly?” It was an argument they had had many times, especially around the anniversary of that woman’s death.

Yuri shrugged. “Everyone grieves in their own way Meek. You have to let them be.” She couldn’t remember the fierce demon who had sacrificed herself to save all the realms, but she had seen the footage. She understood why her parents grieved the loss of their old friend. She understood, too, why Mika couldn’t forgive them for grieving.

Physically, she was her mother’s daughter. Same hair, same eyes, same cheekbones. They had similar tastes in food, although their families stopped pointing it out as she got older and her grief turned to anger.

Old friends who came to visit would always remark on her appearance. “It’s like Ali is standing here right in front of me.” “You are your mother’s daughter.” Every comment was a nail in the coffin of her self worth. She never said as much, but Yuri knew. Their off handed compliments hung over her head like a dark cloud. It set a high bar for her, one she feared she could never leap.

“I just wish they’d acknowledge dad in the same way. Sometimes I feel like they forget he fought in that battle with her. Against her, even. He’s strong. I learned everything I know from him.” She splashed the water and broke her reflection. “Why couldn’t I look more like him instead of her?”

Yuri suppressed a sigh. Having grown up around them both, to Yuri’s eye, Mika did look like Hiei. It was predominantly in her mannerisms, her short temper, and her style of fighting, but there was also no denying she was his daughter. It was her eyes. They might have been blue like Ali’s, but they were definitely Hiei’s eyes.

She took her sister’s face in her hands and looked her in those eyes. “Mika. You are you. Always have been, always will. Which parent you take after makes no difference because you make your own identity.” Mika’s face finally softened as tears pooled in the corners of her eyes. Yuri grinned. “Give it enough time and you’ll probably even take after me.”

That got Mika laughing. Yuri knew Mika wouldn’t forgive Ali this year, maybe not even next year, but as long as she could keep Mika happy during the hardest times of her life, Yuri would do whatever it took to make her smile. Push the pain away until she was ready to cope with it. Until she could admit she was lonely and forgive her mother for leaving her.

Notes: Mika has some serious mother issues. When I read this prompt I knew this was a conversation that had happened at some point between Mika and Yuri. For some reason it felt best to tell it from Yuri’s POV. She understands her sister’s insecurities better than anyone. She’s very empathetic to Mika. I learned this while I wrote. I’ve known about Mika’s hangups forever, but seeing how Yuri interprets and understands them was new to me. 

That’s it for me tonight! The week is almost over. It’s been a hot couple of days so I am looking forward to a comfortable, relaxing spring weekend. One more post left for the week! See you tomorrow!

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