Week 16

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It was very cool and rainy here. Spent most of Saturday curled up with the hubby and the kitties watching movies. As it is Sunday, here is a list of prompts for the week.

83. Think back to your childhood. Write about an article of clothing or an outfit you remember one of your parents (or another influential adult figure) wearing.
84. Describe (in a creative way) how you feel when you have a head cold.
85. Write about a time you said no.
86. Write about the most recent gift you gave someone.
87. Describe a time you cared for someone who was sick, or someone cared for you.

I have some vague ideas for short stories for most of these so I don’t believe I’ll be doing any doubling up on the prompts. Of course, if things change, I’ll make note of it later in the week. Have a great Monday!

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