Prompt 83-Mom’s Clothes

Think back to your childhood. Write about an article of clothing or an outfit you remember one of your parents (or another influential adult figure) wearing.

“Yuri! Yuri, look!” Mika shrieked with excitement. She emerged from the closet wearing a black piece of fabric around her chest, held up by a string around her neck. The top had a bright blue sequined butterfly across the front and she had paired it with denim shorts that would have been snug on an adult but were much too big on her small six year-old body. She held them at her waist with tiny fists.

Yuri giggled as Mika twirled. “Pretty!” She bounced off the bed and dashed into the closet to find an outfit of her own. She came out wearing a sparkly red dress that dragged on the floor behind her and plodding in strappy heels that were several sizes too large. She threw one arm over her head and blew a kiss at Mika. “Hey, doll.”

Mike rolled on the floor clutching her stomach as her laughter seized her. Yuri’s voice soon joined her as they stripped off their clothes and dove back into the closet. Their laughter rang through the little cabin and out the window to the stream where Nikkie was washing their usual clothes.

A smile spread across her face at the sound. Yuri was always a happy child, and as her own, it always warmed Nikkie’s heart to hear her laugh. But it made her even happier to hear Mika’s laughter. Her best friend’s daughter was a good child, but there were times she went darkly quiet. Nikkie couldn’t blame her. She understood where that darkness came from, and while she would keep her promise until she died, she sometimes wished she didn’t have to raise both girls on her own.

Well, she wasn’t really on her own. Yuki was a good father, and Hiei was trying to be, even if he did disappear for long stretches at a time. Someone had to keep the peace for Koenma after all. She chuckled softly to herself as she hung up the wash to dry.

She went to find the girls and see what sort of mischief they had gotten up to. Their giggles emanated from Ali’s old room at the back of the house. Nikkie poked her head in the doorway and was overcome with the simultaneous urges to sigh and laugh. Clothes were strewn all over the floor and the bed, but her daughters wore huge grins in their over-sized kimonos of red-lined black and silver-gilded white.

“What are you two doing?” she grinned.

“Momma, look! We’re playing dress-up!” Yuri spun in a circle to show off the scrollwork kanji on the back of her black kimono. “I’m the Goddess of Death!” she growled.

“And I’m the brave Warrior who is going to save her from the Underworld!” Mika proclaimed as she copied Yuri.

Nikkie laughed. “That is quite the noble quest. You should probably have some food to send you on your journey.”

“Yeah!” they shouted in stereo.

“Come on, let’s go have some lunch,” Nikkie said. “We’ll clean up this mess later.” The girls’ sheepish grins took in the piles of clothes all over the room before they devolved into childish giggling again. Nikkie cherished the laughter. She hoped it would last forever.

Notes: Uggh, that’s it, I hate clothes prompts. There’s at least one more in the next 50 or so prompts. I suppose it’s an important skill to hone, describing/including clothing in stories, but meh. I chose to go with my fanfiction universe because there’s a 16-17 year gap between the end of the second story and the start of the third in which Mika grows up without her mother.

I’ve never really thought about her childhood in those terms, only seen what she became, but I assume there must have been a time before her anger clouded her memories of Ali and I wondered what that might have looked like. This is a tricky genre though, since it’s pretty much the trope in animation that the characters wardrobes contain dozens of the same outfit. Ah well, kids playing dress-up is always entertaining. These outfits were actually all worn by Ali in early tellings.

Speaking of, I used to play in my mom’s closet all the time. I don’t remember any particular article or outfit, but she always had the most fun clothes. As a professional singer, she was always dressed to the nines on her gigs. Lots of fun colors and sparkles. Crazy jewelry. It got more fun to play in her closet as I got older and actually fit into her clothes. We borrowed each other’s shirts all the time. I think I still have a few in my closet. She might still have one of my jackets, though, so we’re even.

That’s it for me tonight! Have a great Tuesday! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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