Week 18

Happy Memorial Day weekend America! And a lovely weekend to everyone else! I’ve been soaking up the sun at my mother-in-law’s while my husband has been frying to a crisp. One more day off before we have to head back home and return to our real lives, but it’s been a relaxing few days off.

I have another week of prompts for you! It’s a special week because we will end with prompt 100 and officially be 1/3 of the way through my 300 writing prompts book! As after the first 50 prompts, I will be taking another hiatus.

This one might be a bit longer. June has always been a weird month for me and it might be busier than usual. I am moving to a new program at work and my schedule might be a little different so I’m going to have to see how much it throws off my routine.

I also want to spend some time working on my novels this month. I don’t want to completely abandon the blog either so I suspect when I come back from my hiatus, my schedule will be more sporadic, or at the very least reduced from what it was.

That’s it for news. Here are the last 7 prompts of the first third of the daily prompts!

94. Think of a celebrity you would like to have dinner with. Write a note that just might catch that person’s attention enough for him/her to agree to the dinner.
95. If you could have one talent that you do not naturally have, what would it be?
96. Where would you like to go on a day trip? You must drive there and back in one day, but you have unlimited funds for gas, food, and activities.
97. You have a child and you have written one piece of advice that will be carried in his/her pocket for life. What is that advice?
98. What is your favorite game to play?
99. Do you absolutely hate any food that other people usually like?
100. Do you have any dreams that recur? Why do you think you continue to have that dream?

Seven prompts. Five days. You can bet there will be a couple double headers this week. We’ll go into the June hiatus with momentum and come back strong! You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s tale. It’s a completely true story! Have a great night!

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