Prompts 106-107

106. Where do you like to do your journaling? At a desk, in your bed, at the coffee shop?

Hahaha, yes.

Real talk though, I don’t really “journal.” When I get an idea I jot it down on the nearest piece of paper or, failing that, make a memo in my phone. I try to keep a notebook in my purse at all times for when inspiration strikes, but I don’t really know that I’d call that “journaling.”

It’s a habit I should probably develop if I want to improve as writer though. Might keep me more organized. As far as writing goes, I do 90% of it at my desktop, but I do like to scribble in a notebook at work or in bed. I don’t really frequent coffee shops, but I imagine I would write there too, if inspiration struck. Part of me wants to be that writer in the café with my laptop and my hot beverage and a cute hipster outfit, but another part of me bristles at that stereotype. Would probably be a nice change of scenery though.

Your turn. Do you journal? Where? Does it help you? Let me know your thoughts!

107. If you woke up tomorrow and discovered that everything in life was now free, what is the first thing you would do?

I would pour myself another cup of coffee because I am clearly still asleep.

This is interesting though. What does this mean by “free everything?” Does this mean that all tangibles are just up for grabs and actions are free of consequences? Like, I can just go to the car dealership, pick out the shiniest, fastest car on the lot, drive it to the gas station, fill it up, and whiz off on an adventure? Is this true only for me or is this a world of chaos I have just woken up in? Isn’t this basically the plot of the Purge franchise?

I dunno. I’m not that devious. My first act would actually very likely be to get a coffee, because it’s the first thing I do every day so why would I do anything different? I’m sure as hell gonna need the caffeine to get me through this brave new world.

I take things far too literally to explore a lot of these hypothetical prompts. I have too many questions regarding interpretations and “how would that work” and can’t suspend my own disbelief long enough to be clever with them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t! I post all these prompts in case they spark a story in you, even if they don’t spark one in me. So have at it! What would you do if everything was free?

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