Prompt 108-Theme of the Week

If this week had a theme to it, what would yours be?


If Kita thought back to the point her simple life went off the rails, it was when she joined ranks with pirates. She scowled. Had it really only been a few weeks? It was a good thing she was already an exile or else her clan would have disowned her all over again. Possibly even executed her for betrayal.

She flinched at that thought. The involuntary motion alerted her to the heavy shackles holding her wrists behind her back and the chain at her ankle. She sighed. This was their fault too. Blasted pirates.

Quiet sobs filled the small cell. Soft murmurs answered them. Robyn was curled up against a young woman of regal stature with fair hair in a crown of braids. Just the girls Kita was looking for.

She was impressed with the young princess’s calm demeanor as she spoke reassurances to the young child. “We’ll be alright,” she was crooning, stroking the little brunette head in her lap. “No one is going to harm you. I won’t allow it.”

Robyn sniffed and sighed at the touch. They both had chains on their ankles to match the one Kita had, but their hands were free. The zealots didn’t deem them dangerous enough it seemed. The ninja woman grinned despite herself. “No one is going to harm any of us,” she announced.

“Kita!” Robyn lifted her head and scrubbed the tears from her eyes. “You’re awake!”

The princess put an arm protectively in front of the child. “This woman is a friend of yours?”

Robyn nodded. “She’s the only other person who knows my secret.” She turned watery eyes on the ninja. “When they threw you in here too, I thought you were dead.”

“They can’t kill me.” Kita smirked. “I had to come and rescue you. Your brother is very worried about you.”

“Kaine, is he-“

“Last I knew, he was fine,” Kita said. “He’s been out every night since you disappeared.”

A smile tugged at the corners of the child’s lips. Kita saw the clever girl who outwitted professional thieves in that half smile. She needed that girl if they were to get out of this.

The princess had her doubts. “And how do you plan to rescue us?” she asked. “From where I’m sitting, you’re in an even worse spot than we are.” She waved her hands in front of her face to emphasize that she was not bound as Kita was.

“Ye of little faith,” Kita sighed, shaking her head.

Robyn giggled, her spirits on the rise. “Kita is a ninja. If anyone can get us out of here, she can.”

“A ninja?” The young woman eyed Kita skeptically. “I’ve never heard of ninjas this far north. How did you come to be here?” She held herself straight, maintaining the protective stance between Kita and Robyn. Her face held no trace of fear; if anything, she was offended at the trespasser on her island.

Robyn tried to push her arm away, but the princess held her ground. Kita inclined her head towards the young woman as she answered. “Pirates, Your Highness.” Her shoulders relaxed at being formally addressed, but the princess’s hard stare did not waver. Kita chuckled. “So what’ll it be, princess? Care to hear my plan, or would you rather sit around and wait for the men to save us?”

She narrowed her eyes at Kita, calculating her options. There was a fire in those eyes that Kita liked. She had seen eyes like those the night she had saved the Captain and his crew from the bandits. “Brynja?” Robyn’s little voice cut through the stretching silence.

The princess shrugged, giving Robyn a smile. She removed herself as a shield between the girl and the ninja. “Why not? So, Kita, was it?” She turned her smile on the ninja. “I defer to your council. How are we getting out?”

Notes: I’m loving this princess. I didn’t expect to, and I didn’t know much about her before this, but she’s not going to take this whole “being captured” thing sitting down. She’s the heir to a Viking throne though, of course she isn’t going to just sit pretty. Her interactions with Robyn were what really helped me to understand her character. It was so brief but so eye opening. I can’t wait to write more about Brynja.

I thought up a bunch of themes, serious and funny alike, but when I came up with “pirates” I knew I was going to write a Kita scene. This particular chapter of her tale is taking form with the prompts I write. It’s a happy bonus for me.

It’s still pretty early in the week so I don’t know if mine has a theme yet. Lot of people on vacation at work so I’m not feeling very motivated to do much. Maybe the theme of the week is “lazy.” Ha!

How about you? How’s your week shaping up? Does it have a fitting theme? What sort of themes might your characters come across? Make a list! It’s a great brainstorming exercise! Good luck, I’ll see you tomorrow!




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