Week 21

Hello, hello! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I spent mine house-hunting and watching tennis. This Wimbledon was insane. Serena in a Grand Slam final less than a year after giving birth is inspiration at the highest level. Would have loved for her to have won the trophy, but Kerber was the better player and deserved her win. Can’t wait to see what these ladies do in the hard court season!

And the men. Oh my stars, the men. Those were some ridiculous semi final matches. Watching Nadal and Djokovic play for a spot in the final felt more like a final than a semi. I love them both, but I was low-key rooting for Djoker cause he’s fought so hard to get back to this stage.

It’s a shame Anderson had to play Isner for 6 and half hours to make it to the final cause I think today’s final would have been a lot more interesting if he’d been fresher. That third set was a great indicator of how the match could have gone if he’d been at the top of his game. But luckily, Djokovic was able to get the win. He’s back, baby!

But enough about tennis. This blog isn’t for gushing about my faves, even if I’m writing in the process. You’re here for your weekly list of prompts and I shall deliver without further delay.

112. Write about the middle of something, anything!
113. What is something you have learned lately?
114. Write about the beach: your favorite memory of a trip, what you love, what you hate (e.g. sand gets everywhere). Would you live on the coast if you could, or is it better just for a visit?
115. Snakes: interesting or creepy? Why?
116. What is something totally overrated in your world?
117. What is something you just need a kick in the pants to finish?

This week might get cut short due to an upcoming vacation; we’ll see how far ahead I get with my posts. It’s my anniversary this weekend so the hubby and I are getting out of dodge for a few days and I will probably leave my laptop at home.

Alright, enjoy what’s left of your weekend and then get back to writing! Let’s fill the world with our stories!


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