Prompt 112-Middle

Write about the middle of something, anything!

Dust fell from the ceiling as a thunderous crash sounded far above. The bunker rattled with the force and whimpers rippled among the people sheltering against the storm. Mothers cradled children close, whispering reassurances in their ears, doing their best to quiet them. Their hushing sounded like a leaky hose and had been going on for hours. It would be some hours yet before it was over.

The collisions were most frequent at the peak of a Starfall. It was also the hardest test for the Meteor Shelters. Tens of thousands of people were buried in their shelters every time the stars fell. Sometimes it was due to faulty engineering. Sometimes it was a heavier Fall in a particular area. Sometimes it was just bad timing.

The Shelters had risks, but they were one hundred times safer than remaining on the surface during a Fall. To stay Above was to die. The face of the world was remade with every Starfall. Any who remained Above became material for the reshaping of the world. They are never seen again.

This was the second Starfall in a century. It is rare for the sky to Break twice in such a short time, but the precedents have been recorded. The old ones remembered the last Fall and, once the portents had been read, guided the young generation through the preparations. All that is left to do is endure.

Another crash overhead. More whispered prayers and assurances. The thunder would end by morning. And they would emerge to greet the new world.

Notes: Sorry I didn’t have anything lengthy for this prompt. Most stories start in the middle, but I wanted to do something a little different for this one. A line in a song I heard over the weekend put the idea of a meteor shower in my head and it became this weird concept. I can’t even remember the song or the line, just that it had to do with stars falling.

As writers we often begin in media res, so this prompt shouldn’t prove too difficult for us. Or maybe my idea of a Starfall will inspire you today. I hope it does. I think it has potential but I just don’t have the time to flesh it out.

It was another hot day today so I’m gonna wrap this up and go cool off for the rest of the evening. I’ll be back tomorrow with another prompt! Have a great night/day!

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