Prompt 117-Finish Line Motivation

What is something you just need a kick in the pants to finish?

I’m a chronic procrastinator sooo, a lot of things, haha. The big one is probably related to my writing. I never finish my stories before getting sidetracked to a new one that I also never finish. Does not bode well for my novel plans, which always start out as grand ideas and I get super excited about them.

But then inevitably I get sidetracked or all my other unfinished projects loom in the back of my mind and remind me that I never finish anything and I get discouraged again. There’s a reason I named this blog “Closet Full of Notebooks.”

This space has been both a blessing and a curse. It has succeeded in the goal of getting me to dedicate time to write every day. I usually did anyway, but never on a schedule, and usually not with any sort of goal for the day. On the other hand, all the time I spend on these daily prompts is time I am not working on finishing any of my other stories, even though some of the prompts have given me better insight into the characters or worlds of those stories.

Another thing I need a swift kick in the pants to finish is purging my apartment before we move at the end of the year. There’s just so much stuff I don’t use/need and I don’t want to be scrambling to get rid of it the week before our lease is up. I start thinking about cleaning/purging one thing and that reminds me I need to get rid of something else and then I spiral into “OH GODS THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH TO DO HOW WILL I EVER GET IT ALL DONE” and I don’t end up doing anything. Most stuff can just be thrown out but a lot of it can also still be used so I need to find a place to donate things. I finally made a list to help me break it into bite-size pieces, but I haven’t started on it yet.

Well that does it for me this week. Our anniversary is on Sunday so the hubby and I are heading out of town for a long unplugged weekend in wine country. I am going to schedule Sunday’s post so that you have the list of prompts as usual, but will only be posting Tuesday-Friday. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I will see you next week!

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