Week 22

Oooh, week 22 starts on the 22nd? How exciting! And it’s my anniversary! We’ve survived a year of marriage. The trial period is over, no more returns. I jest, of course. I can return him whenever I want! Ha!

Ok, ok, I would never return him. I’d never find someone else to tolerate me for so long. We may have only been “officially” married for a year, but we have spent close to a third of our lives together at this point. Eight and a half years! That’s a lot of days.

We’re spending our wedding anniversary out in wine country in a tiny house with no internet! I assume we’re having a blast and are maybe a little sore from hiking. Or maybe we’re holed up reading in the rain. I haven’t checked the latest forecast but I think he said it might rain. I don’t actually know, I’m writing from the past! *twilight zone theme plays* Gosh I love the “Schedule Post” option.

Anyway, here are the prompts I will be writing from later this week once I am back home and have spent a night in my own bed snuggled up with my kitties who I definitely miss very much.

118. You have magic soap. What does it wash away?
119. Where would you be pleased to find yourself locked up overnight?
120. Which do you prefer: sunrise or sunset?
121. What do the clothes you are wearing now say about you?
122. Look around you right now. What is wrong with this picture?

Have a great rest of your weekend! See you Tuesday!

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