Week 23

Now you may be asking, “Hey Sara, what happened to that short story you promised me for Friday? You didn’t post at all!” And you are absolutely right, dear reader. See, I said that with the best intentions, and full plans to write Friday night after some more house hunting after work. Those plans went out the window with some spontaneous socializing.

I do not get out. I really don’t. It’s a terrible habit I have of avoiding all social interaction as much as possible. Hello, hi, introvert here, easily exhausted by people. But! I do enjoy time spent with friends when I get out of my own way enough to do it. And sometimes, the spontaneous, unplanned nights do me the most good. I don’t have time to be stressed about them beforehand.

And that’s what happened Friday night. I got Shanghai’d into socializing. We were at our third house tour of the evening when a coworker texted my husband asking if we wanted to get some drinks. It just so happened that the houses we had been viewing were in his area so we ended up swinging by his place for an hour or so before meeting another coworker at a bar up the road.

Reader, I do not remember the last time I was out at a bar until midnight. I do not remember the last time I went out to a bar after 9. Usually I hit up a local happy hour and am done and home by 7. I was frantically checking my watch up until about 830, thinking “well if we get home by 10 I’ll still have time to get my post out tonight,” but then I realized it wasn’t all that important.

That’s not to say I don’t think my daily writing habit isn’t important. What I mean is, embracing the spontaneity of a night out with friends, especially friends I haven’t socialized with in months, was more important in that moment. I needed it. The blog would still be here. I can write at any time. Those moments with friends, those are special.

So Friday’s prompt has been pushed back to Monday and I hope you’ll forgive me. It’s been available since last Sunday though, so you’ve still had time to work on it! It’ll just be another 24ish hours before you get to see my take on it! And here’s a new list of prompts to get you going for this week!

*122. Look around you right now. What is wrong with this picture?
123. Write about an experience you had when you lost track of time.
124. Write about an extracurricular activity you did when you were growing up, and how it affects (or does not affect) your life now. If you did not do any extracurricular activities, write about what you would have liked to do.
125. If and when you become the Supreme Ruler of the World, who will be your top advisor?
126. How do you react when someone compliments you?
127. Fill in the blanks: “I would like to march right up to _____ and say, ‘________.'”
128. What is a surefire way to distract you from the task at hand?

Have a great rest of your Sunday! Back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans tomorrow!

*Reminder that starred prompts are carried over from the previous week’s list.

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