Prompts 124-125

Write about an extracurricular activity you did when you were growing up, and how it affects (or does not affect) your life now. If you did not do any extracurricular activities, write about what you would have liked to do.

I was a shy kid growing up. I didn’t do many extracurricular activities until high school. Freshman and sophomore years I sang in our annual school musical, but only as background cast. I did audition for one of the lead roles freshman year (Titanic the Musical), only to realize I had crippling stage fright and couldn’t even complete the audition. That was mortifying.

But I still had fun. And I went back the next year and joined again. Sophomore year was arguably more fun. We performed Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and holy crow did we knock it out of the park for all 3 shows.

I didn’t do it junior or senior year because I was in cross country skiing instead. The schedules overlapped and would have been too much for me with my course load to do both. I also didn’t know the musical they were doing in my junior year, so I had no interest in it. I had never cross country skied before joining the team, and I did so at the behest of my best friend.

She was on the varsity ski team, and her uncle was one of the coaches. My school was big enough we didn’t really “cut” people. If you didn’t make the varsity team, you could still practice and learn and improve. The best race I ever skied I came in third among my group. I’d fought a sinus infection the week before so I hadn’t practiced all week and I was still not quite well the day of the race. But I had my best time of the season, if I remember correctly.

While both activities kept me busy during the long winter months, they didn’t really have an effect on my life. I haven’t been cross country skiing in years and I haven’t sung in a public ensemble since high school. I would if the opportunities arose though.


If and when you become the Supreme Ruler of the World, who will be your top advisor?

Honestly, my boss. He has a degree in poli-sci and he has way more insight about running the world than I would. He also plays strategy games all the time. I’m good friends with his wife too so I wouldn’t even need to use my position as Supreme Ruler of the World to make him work for me.

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