Prompts 126-127

126. How do you react when someone compliments you?

I think I mentioned earlier this week that I was a shy kid growing up. I never really grew out of that. Introvert to the core. For the longest time, I was incapable of taking a compliment. If someone complimented me on physical aspects like my clothes or my hair or my eyes I would panic and try to find something about them to compliment right back. Or I would start rambling about why I cut it that way, where I got the shirt, or make some lame joke about sight or something. I’ve gotten a little better at that.

I don’t really know how to take compliments for my work though. Like, I crave feedback, but I’m terrified of negative feedback and skeptical of positive feedback. “Yeah, they’re right, this is all garbage. What was I thinking?” or “Oh they’re just saying that to be nice. They just don’t want to hurt your feelings.” There is no in between in my mind. Damn Imposter Syndrome.

It’s a fun thing to think about with your characters though. How do they compliment others? Are they free with the compliments or do they only say it when they really mean it? How do they react? Do they need constant compliments or do they prefer silent recognition? There are a lot of fun ways you can play with this. Get those ideas down!


127. Fill in the blank: “I would like to march right up to _______ and say: ‘____________.’”

I would like to march right up to my brain and say “dude, chill, everything is going to be just fine.”

I would like to march right up to Tom Cruise and say, “Hey, I totally knew who you were that time we were on Whiteface Mountain together, I’m just a huge dork and I love your acting ok thanks for your time.”

I would like to march right up to the Duffer Brothers and say “Why?!” (They know what they did.)

I would like to march right up to the various department heads/chiefs and say “Please communicate with each other. It’s a basic management skill and everythign would run so much more smoothly if you would all just TALK TO EACH OTHER.”

I would like to march right up to 12 year old me and say “Hey -stop screaming it’s just me, I mean you, I’m you but older- you’re gonna love that new baby sister and she is gonna be just like you when she grows up and everything will get better I promise.”

Notes: Sorry for the shortage of stories this week. Been a weird one creatively. House hunting and mortgage shopping are way more mentally taxing than I ever imagined and it’s seeped into my creativity. The prompts this week haven’t really helped, but at least I am still making time to write and sitting in my chair every night, pounding out 500+ words. “They don’t have to be good words, they just have to be written.” I’ll keep telling myself that until I can get my mojo back. I have ambitions for turning tomorrow’s prompt into a short story, but I won’t make any promises. Thank god it’ll be Friday. This has been a weird week. See you tomorrow!

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