Prompt 130-Best Friends

What do you and your spouse or best friend have in common?

A day after her triumphant return, Mika and Yuri decided to venture to the human world to do some shopping. It was the one thing about the human world Mika fully enjoyed, and since her father abhorred human malls she knew he wouldn’t follow them. Besides, she had lost or destroyed several articles of clothing during her mission in the demon world. She had to replace them.

Yuri was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet. Mika knew it wasn’t just the prospect of getting cute new outfits that had her best friend so excited. Yuri knew Mika hadn’t told the whole story of her experiences in the demon realm when she had told their parents the previous night. She couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

“Alright c’mon, spill,” Yuri pried once they were safely out of Hiei’s psychic range. “How was he?”

“Whatever do you mean?” Mika tried unsuccessfully to suppress a blush.

Yuri giggled. “You’re only ever this evasive with Hiei when it involves a lover,” she replied. “And you were there almost a week after finishing your mission. What else would you be doing?”

Mika scoffed. “Maybe it took us that long to get back.” Yuri’s flat stare said she didn’t buy that excuse. Mika pointedly avoided Yuri’s gaze as she walked into the shopping center. There would be no hiding the truth from her. “Ok fine. But I was just taking time to heal after my battle. I did take a beating you know.”

“I doubt your wounds took that long to heal.” Yuri gave her a sly grin. “I don’t think that was the only beating you took.”

Mika’s face turned crimson. “You’re vile, you know that?”

Yuri laughed melodiously. “I’m sorry Meek, I really am.” She gave Mika a tight hug to soften her teasing. “You’re just so adorable when you’re flustered.”

Mika relented with a soft chuckle. “We did get a little… aggressive at times.” The mark she had left upon him before their parting flashed through her mind. She allowed herself a wistful sigh. “Gods, he was amazing.”

“It’s so much more fun with other demons,” Yuri said, folding her arms behind her head. “Don’t get me wrong, I like humans, but they’re so fragile.”

Mika nodded. “That thought crossed my mind a couple times.” Thoughts of Youko distracted her from wondering when Yuri had ever had a tryst with a demon.

“So, where to first?” Yuri snapped her back to the present. They wandered in and out of shops for a few hours. Mika preferred loose, comfortable clothing while Yuri enjoyed flaunting her curves with tight, form fitting pieces and more feminine styles. They both loved graphic tees and spent a good portion of their time in the punk store with the pop culture tees.

Arms laden with their spoils, they headed to a local café for lunch. Mika told Yuri the other half of the story while they ate. Yuri sipped her soda intently as Mika told her how Youko had teased her most of the first week. Chuckled at the part when Mika had slapped him for trying to chew her food for her. Sighed as Mika described how Youko had looked relaxing in the sun the afternoon on her first day out of bed. Laughed at his threat when Mika had acted like a child with her tongue out. Nodded with satisfaction when Mika told how he made good on that promise later on. Swooned as Mika regaled their first passionate encounter in the storm and their subsequent rendezvous after the mission was over.

“And then I left him at Koenma’s and came home,” she finished. She took a sip of her own soda to wet her dry throat. Yuri was leaning forward with her chin on her hands, smiling sadly. “What?”

Yuri shook her head. “I’m just happy to see you so happy.”

Mika felt her cheeks heat again. “It’s not like I’m going to see him again.”

“I hope you do,” Yuri said. “I think he was good for you.”

“He’s older than my mother,” she countered.

Yuri shrugged. “We’re demons, what does age matter to us?” She took another sip of her drink and shook her head querulously. “Besides, isn’t he technically younger than you now?”

Mika hesitated as she thought on how to answer that. “We did talk about that briefly,” she said slowly. “He’s not even sure how it works, but he still has all his memories from centuries ago.” She blushed again. “Including memories of my aunt, Sayuri.”

Yuri waved a hand dismissively. “Again, so what? Live as long as he has, you’re bound to go through several lovers. That doesn’t mean the time he spent with you was any less meaningful.”

Mika suddenly felt defensive. “How do you know what he feels?”

“I don’t,” she shrugged. “I just don’t want you to sell yourself short.”

Mika softened and reached across the table to squeeze her sister’s hand. “I love you,” she said.

Yuri nodded affirmatively. “Damn straight, you do.”

“It’s hardly straight,” she grinned slyly.

“And you say I’m vile,” Yuri smirked.

They laughed and passersby shot them questioning glances. Well, let them. They didn’t know her. What did they care if she was being affectionate with her sister? Humans could be so strange.

Shopping and meal concluded, they retrieved their bags and headed home arm in arm. They had the whole afternoon before dinner so they decided to go out to the lake and get some sparring in. Mika taped her fists and her chest, wearing trainers and slim stretch capris that were easy to move in. She pulled her hair up into a loose bun, several rebellious strands falling round her face.

Yuri stood across from her, a new tank top thrown on over a sports bra and new shorts hugging her thighs. She wore her yellow hair in two braids over her shoulders. Her fists were also taped, ready for Mika to come whenever she wanted.

She leapt straight for Yuri, swinging a fist at her sister’s head. The blonde read her attack easily and moved to block it, countering with a swing of her own with her opposite leg. Mika was ready for the kick and blocked it with her other hand. They always used the same tactics, had since they were kids.

They leapt away from each other and faced off again. Sometimes Yuri would initiate the grapple. Sometimes one of them would land a hit. When that happened, the other would retaliate with a hit twice as hard. Then they would laugh it off and start again.

They exchanged blows for a little over an hour. Then they ran a couple cool down laps around the lake before diving in and rinsing off the sweat and dirt they had accumulated during their training session. Refreshed and rejuvenated, they walked back to the house, arms over each other’s shoulders.

Nikkie had dinner on the table. It wasn’t the strange demon world venison Youko had fed her over the previous month, but it smelled just as delicious. Humans had decent food after all, and after their sparring session she was ravenous.

The young adults cleaned the dishes afterwards. Their laughter filled the house as it had done when they were small. For a moment, parents and children were back in that simpler time.

After spending time sharing stories old and new, the girls headed out again. They went to the top of the waterfall and stared at the sky. The stars were out in full with no moon to steal their light. The two wolves leaned on each other and sat in contented silence.

After a while, Yuri spoke quietly. “Mika, I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” The silver haired woman sat up and looked at her sister curiously.

Yuri sighed. “I don’t really want to go to university.” The silence stretched between them. Mika wasn’t really sure how to respond. Yuri loved the human world. It was surprising news, but not exactly earth-shattering. There had to be something more. Then Yuri said, “I’m working for Koenma, too.”

“What?!” Mika shrieked.

“I know, I know,” Yuri answered, “I should have told you.” She had the grace to look abashed. “He made me swear not to tell you.”

“He- but, why?” Mika sputtered.

Yuri frowned. “He didn’t want you to go running out there. It’s far too dangerous. Everyone just wants to keep you safe.”

Mika snarled. “I’m not a fragile doll that needs to be kept on a shelf.”

“I know,” Yuri nodded. “But try to understand. Your mother was the most powerful wolf demoness in existence.”

Her snarl grew to a threatening growl. “She was the only one in existence.”

Yuri didn’t flinch at Mika’s interruption. “As her only daughter, there are those who would believe you to have her power or even greater power. That man who ended her life killed your brother for that very reason. He feared the power he would grow to possess.”

Mika’s eyes burned with angry tears as she looked away from Yuri. She’d heard this lecture before. She often forgot there had been another child before her. Mitsuru didn’t live to see a week of sunrises. Hitokiri had lured Ali away from her Sanctuary and killed the babe with his bare hands before slicing her up and leaving her for dead.

Most powerful demoness? She had been weak. Unable to stop the tragedies committed by her own hands. “She killed that child just like she killed all the others,” Mika growled. “Stop making excuses for her. She was weak. It’s her fault that all that remains of the once proud wolf demon race is one weak man and two half breed offspring.”

Yuri looked at her sadly. “It might have been her hands that killed them, but she was not at fault and you know it.” She sighed. “The point I’m trying to make here, Mika, is that you’re special. She was the child of Prophecy and as her offspring you are unique. I know you’re powerful. Probably even more powerful than she ever was. But demons fight for power and if they can take it they will. I don’t want anyone to take you from us. From me. Our parents may be different but you’re my sister and I love you.”

Fury and love waged war within Mika’s heart as she listened to Yuri speak. She believed her sister meant every word, but she couldn’t let go of her hatred for the woman who had left them all behind. She would be better. That meant she couldn’t push away the only person who understood her. Not when Yuri was being so sincere about wanting to keep Mika safe. Yuri was the one person Mika cared most for. She wouldn’t push her sister away for speaking truths Mika didn’t want to accept.

Her rage subsided and she sighed, wrapping her arm around the other woman’s shoulder. “You’re right, and I’m sorry. Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone take me away from you.”

She felt Yuri relax with her embrace. “We can do it together, you know,” she mumbled into Mika’s shoulder.

Mika chuckled. “Alright, we’re a team.”

Yuri sighed as they released each other and resumed their stargazing. “You have no idea how hard it was to not tell you.”

“How long have you been working for him anyway?” Mika asked.

“About four months,” she said. “Right after we graduated.”

“So all the times you were “studying” in the human realm?”

Yuri nodded. “Minor missions.” Mika frowned. “I haven’t had anything quite as exciting as your excursion in the demon realm. I’ve only been going after small fry.”

“Well, it’s work anyway,” Mika chuckled. She was going to have to have words with Koenma later.

Yuri seemed to be aware of what she was thinking because she said, “Koenma would have loved to have you help me, but he’s honestly a little terrified of Hiei. So when Hiei said he didn’t care what you did, well, that was a bit of a relief.”

Mika bit her lip. “Until I demanded my first job be in the demon realm.” She buried her face in her hands. “Gods, I’m a fool.”

Yuri chuckled. “We can’t all be as smart as me.”

Mika punched her in the shoulder and they both laughed. “Well, maybe I’ll see if he could use me in the human realm also. We could take care of twice the missions as a team after all.”

Yuri nodded. “I like that idea very much.”

Notes: It was an editing night! When I saw the prompt was about best friends and similarities I knew Mika and Yuri would be a good pair to spotlight. They are both stubborn half-breeds with reckless streaks and they have a similar fighting style. This delves more into their personalities and relationship with each other than strict similarities, but hey, you got ~2k words of story out of it!

This was also the first time in the story where we really get to see Yuri’s personality. The first act was about Mika going out on her first mission trying to “go her own way” and all that entails. This sets up the second act which focuses more on her relationship with Yuri. They are kind of the embodiment of that meme “If you and your best friend don’t make people question your sexuality are you even best friends?” Even I don’t know where that line is with them.

That wraps it up for me tonight. Happy hump day! Almost halfway through the week! We can do this! Have a great Wednesday!

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